Hackers knew that “Password” is the Password of many people in India

Password is the most common password in India, followed by 12345 and 123456.

Many Indians also use names of religious entities as passwords, which can be hacked into within minutes.

Passwords are frequently the most important line of defence against online malicious attackers. This is also why each online service that you sign up for recommends that you develop a strong password that includes alphabets, numbers, and even special characters. It appears that people are not always eager to adhere to this technique completely.

A new Nordpass report reveals how many people are careless with their internet security credentials. The analysis sheds light on how simple it is for hackers to crack these passwords and take over an account as a result of this. The situation is so bad that in India, up to 62 of the most frequent passwords can be cracked in less than a second.

The study includes a list of the most popular passwords used throughout the world. While the global consensus is that 123456 is the most often used password, most individuals in India choose “Password” as their password. More than 17 lakh online users in the country use basically meaningless passwords. Needless to say, it belongs to the group of passwords that may be hacked in a matter of seconds. The second most frequent password in India is 12345, which is followed by 123456 and 123456789, which are ranked third and fourth, respectively. The first two are used by more than ten lakh persons in the country, while 123456789 and 12345678 (ranked fifth) are used by more than two lakh people each. Other popular password combinations in the country include india123, 1234567890, 1234567, qwerty, abc123, and xxx.

In India, people frequently use their names as passwords. Sachin, Abhishek, Rajesh, Sandeep, Sweety, Ashish, Manish, Hariom, Anjali, Suresh, Prakash, and others are examples of this. According to the research, all of these passwords, as well as others, maybe crack in half an hour. Then there are phrases that are frequently used as passwords. Some of them include iloveyou, goodluck, jaihanuman, success, rockstar, girlsrockz, pass@123, lucky123, and Senti123. If you use such a password, be aware that hackers can quickly get into it.

How to create a strong password

As a general rule, it is generally recommended that individuals utilise the above-mentioned trick to construct a strong password, i.e. use alphabets, digits, and characters in their password. You should also bear in mind that the password should be as unique as possible, which you can do by basing it on anything that is not easily applicable to you in general and that only you know. You may also test the strength of your password using internet services such as those provided by Kaspersky. Simply searching for Password Check can provide various websites that will tell you how strong your password is.

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