Apple files patent for an “All glass iPhone”

Apple has filed a new patent that shows an all-glass iPhone.

The iPhone has glass on all six sides, according to the patent.

If you’re a lover of the iPhone, you’ve probably seen videos or photos of an all-glass iPhone from the future. Aside from fans, Jony Ive, Apple’s former chief design officer, has shown interest in an iPhone built entirely of glass. Apple has recently filed a patent for an all-glass iPhone with the US Patent and Trademark Office, revealing that such a concept is in the cards. Not only that, but Apple’s patent depicts an Apple Watch and a Mac Pro tower with all-around glass encasings.

The patent, found by Patently Apple, depicts a device with glass enclosures on six sides “defining an interior volume and comprising a first glass member and a second glass member.”  The patent appears to be written in a highly technical manner, but the essence of it might be a glass box with iPhone capabilities.

“The first glass member defines at least a portion of a first major side of the six-sided glass enclosure, at least a portion of a peripheral side of the six-sided glass enclosure, a first region along the peripheral side and having a first thickness, and a second region along the peripheral side and having a second thickness different from the first thickness,” read Apple’s patent, according to Patently Apple.

The electronic gadget, which may be the iPhone, may have a force-sensing technology that can detect “deformation” in glass areas. The device will be transparent on all six sides and may use a single slab of glass or numerous glass slabs joined together to form a functional unit. Since each surface may have a distinctive physical distinction, an enclosure can be used to “erase or blend” the differences between surfaces. To put it simply, either the front or the back might be extended to the next or opposite side to provide users with a bigger functional area.

As seen in the patent diagrams, Apple may have a concept for an all-glass Apple Watch and Mac Pro tower, similar to an all-glass iPhone. However, their operating mechanism and part labels are not yet available. In any case, a patent does not guarantee the existence of an all-glass iPhone, an Apple Watch, or a Mac Pro tower.

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