The buzz about IoT has always been around, primarily due to the way it can connect so many fragmented things into one particular bracket. It is also promising to evoke a feeling of modernization for the industries. So many IoT centered firms are introducing us to the newest of the applications revolving the Internet of Things. This ever evolving industry has made its special place in the electronic environment, which is pretty much evident in the forefront. It is the basic plan of action; you show them where the significant requirement is and cash out the idea. This has very much worked in favor of IoT if we consider the ever increasing appetite for consumption of any device, which provides a certain ray of hope in the way which IoT has to be used.

It is certainly a rapid growing technology, making everything smarter, irrespective of being factory equipment, toy for children or even clothing for that matter, all these can be made intelligent with add-ons of sensor technology with machine learning. IoT was eager to be on the top of technologies, which was pretty much evident by the emphasis it tries to create every now and then. Even the statistics are showing a bend towards the progress of IoT in this technologically out-bursting world of ours. One of the emphasized industries is definitely the Automobile industry, being on the verge of a revolution with the all new concept of driver-less cars coming into the picture. All these have a huge driving force, which is basically none other than the ever changing technology, Internet of Things. IoT from what I have understood has a myriad of applications in the coming future, like the ones, which were technically impossible to attain before. For instance; how about having a home appliance, which takes care of your need after comprehending all the data that you feed into it just using your mobile phone applications? A major concern revolving around this is the security threat, since all these “things” are nothing more than the data, which is fed into them. Being data, it can easily be changed or misused per se, and automatically becomes a thing of concern. Secondly, absence of set patterns or standards plays a vital role in the popularization of IoT. IoT is the future. We can see it catching up all around us like a spider web. But this spider is what we need in this fast moving world of ours.

Technology stops for none, so it’s better to have a safe place and watch the world evolve, the only thing is required from our end is to provide the needed amenities so that all these technology can flourish like anything.

Sarath Chandran, Team  AICRA FutureTech

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