The main binding blocks that are required for smart retail are majorly connectivity, integration and big-data analytics. They allow the configuration of products and services tailored to individual preferences and effective efficient customer communication and retention, just to provide a holistic experience. When working for such an organization of significance. It is supposedly thought that people will be inclined towards the sales for various right facts, and attaining the right results. This scenario does require devices such as personal computer, cash registers, and advertisements can be extremely powerful tool in this context and that too in a very seamless manner. A Local Area Network connection or its wireless version will also be a useful tool in    forging strong connections between the various elements and achieving a whole new level of control.ime has come to press the accelerator and have time blow away for the most of the technology innovations going on nowadays. Simplifying the path of cost saving, new efficiencies, inventory accuracy, smarter marketing, and better customer experiences with an end-to-end solution based on technologies. In our fiercely competitive world of retail, it is very important to have ways in which traditional bricks-and-mortar stores need to find ways of tempting online purchasers back. The inducement is smart retailing, the new introduction of this innovative technology can have a lot of benefits for us in the coming times. As the challenge is real and average growth in online sales revenue over the last ten years was around 12 percent. At the same time sales at the physical stores grew by a meager 0.2 percent, which is very much a situation that needs to be addressed for the betterment of our future. The age is of online excellence. It’s inevitable to disregard the need for retailer to take the call. With changing customer expectations and ever piercing competition, the need to deploy digital retail solutions in their bricks-the-mortar outlets, the ones who are shopping for things nowadays. They want smart stores where they are treated to an end-to-end connected experience, in a properly segregated manner. They basically want a place where the physical products on display are properly linked to the world of internet and where they can receive personalized, high-quality advice and assistance on whichever things they want.

There are obviously a cut down in the normal human resource for the betterment of the organization as more money is saved with just the implementation of the technology. But it is not a concern when it comes to the human beings as there will always be a requirement for the emotional labor. The machines are very useful and efficient in getting their work done, but then there is always a requirement for monitoring the process, which needs to be on the pivotal.

Sarath Chandran, Team  AICRA FutureTech

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