Intel announced its revised

Intel CEO Pat Geisinger announced his company’s revised process roadmap with a refreshing new naming scheme for next-generation nodes. The new road map includes all the products that are expected to enter for production through 2025 and beyond. According to the company’s new roadmap, Intel’s upcoming 10nm Alder Lake processors will be called “Intel 7”.

Intel shared, “Under IDM 2.0, our factory network continues to deliver, and we are now manufacturing more 10-nanometer wafers than 14-nanometer. As 10-nanometer volumes ramp, economics are improving with 10-nanometer wafer cost 45% lower year-over-year with more to come.”

The company is expected to confirm the design of its first chips with transistors smaller than 1 nanometer soon and they will be measured in angstroms. The “Intel 20A” node incorporates “RibbonFET” transistors, the company’s first new architecture since the arrival FinFET in 2011.“Building on Intel’s unquestioned leadership in advanced packaging, we are accelerating our innovation roadmap to ensure we are on a clear path to process performance leadership by 2025,” Pat Gelsinger added.

Intel has been planning to bring a processor with an “Intel 3” node by 2023. It is a super-powered version of its 7nm architecture, with around an 18 percent performance power watt improvement over Intel 4. The new roadmap includes all of intel’s plan to build chips that are steadily faster and more efficient.

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