Form energy develops iron-air 100-hour storage battery

Form energy- battery maker officials confirmed their development of the Iron-Air 100-hour storage battery meant to store electricity created from renewable sources such as solar and wind.

As per the report, the new battery is based on iron and the production is not expensive. Form energy describes the battery as a multi-day energy storage system that can store electricity for up to 100 hours at a lower cost. The battery consumes oxygen and then converts the iron inside the battery to rust, later converting it back to iron again. This process allows the energy to be stored longer in the battery.

The battery is not convenient for small applications due to its big size. Instead, they are meant to be hooked together in massive grids capable of storing enormous amounts of electricity for days at a time.

On the website, officials with Form Energy suggest that their batteries provide a solution to a growing problem—managing the variability of renewable energy sources.

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