LinkedIn’s Android app is not working for many users, here’s the workaround !!

LinkedIn users are unable to access all the professional networking platform through the Android application. The LinkedIn app will crashes when users are try to open it. The desktop version (website) is working fine. According to downdetector, LinkedIn users are facing issues with the application since yesterday evening. The tracker reveals a huge spike of outage reports between 10 PM and 2 AM. Most reported problems are log-in and website. LinkedIn has not confirmed the service interruption, yet.

The outage map on down detector reveals users in India, Malaysia US, South America, and parts of Europe have been affected by the outage. When users try to open the app, either by tapping on the notification or basic app launch, they receive the following error message “LinkedIn keeps stopping.” It is worth noting that the manual closing the app or force stop does not work.

Some users, however, said that they will be able to use the Android application by uninstalling the app and re-installing it. We can confirm all the workaround works. On Twitter, LinkedIn Help is also asking for users to implement the same workaround. LinkedIn’s rare outage comes days after Google users faced massive service interruption with Gmail, Drive and other key Google services. Google was able to restore the services only after about five hours of an outage.


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