Google Assistant’s Snapshot feature updated with new recommendations !!

Google has updated its two-year old Assistant feature called “Snapshot” for the Android and iOS users. Google had first rolled out Snapshot in Assistant back in 2018. This feature shows the user’s appointments, reminders, commute times and more. Google is adding more things to Assistant’s Snapshot with the latest update. These include all the things like reminders for upcoming birthdays and holidays. Snapshot is based on the user data and with the latest update, it will adjust your day according to the time of day and your interactions with Google Assistant. One example Google has shared is how it will show your commute details, weather, to-dos and top headlines in the morning.

New features in Google Assistant’s is Snapshot. Snapshot on Google Assistant is also getting recommendations based on your preferences for things like recipes and podcasts. It will also recommend nearby restaurants that deliver. Recipe recommendations will be suggested during different times of the day.

Other than these new additions, Google also wants to make it easier for people to actually use Snapshot. You can now view your Snapshot by simply saying, “Hey Google, show me my day.” Previously, Snapshot appeared only by activating in Google Assistant or by tapping the icon on the bottom left corner. This feature is already live for users who use Google Assistant in English. Google plans to expand it to more languages soon.

Google Assistant currently sends notifications for upcoming events, flights, bills and reminders. Now it will start sending notifications for upcoming birthdays as well. What’s more? You can tap on the notification to open the Snapshot card where you’ll get suggestions to call, text or sing a personalised birthday song. This feature too is first available for English-speaking markets only.


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