Microsoft released fix for windows 11 bug causing apps to crash frequently

Microsoft has rolled out an update to fix app crashes.

Some apps such as Kaspersky were causing BSOD.

Microsoft has released a fix for the issue in which several apps on Windows 11 would crash while running, occasionally resulting in the Blue Screen of Death. The problems were first reported after installing the November 2021 patch on a Windows 11 or even a Windows 10 PC. The update, Windows 11 Build 22000.348, is now available to testers in the beta and preview channels (KB5007262).

In a post on its Windows Insider blog, Microsoft said that the new update fixes “a known issue” that prevents apps such as Kaspersky from opening after you try to repair or update them using the Microsoft Installer (MSI), which is either through Windows Settings or Troubleshooter. The fix is still not available to everyone, so if any of the apps are not working properly, the best way for you is to uninstall and reinstall it on your PC.

The update not only resolves the app crashing issue, but also resolves the broken PowerShell cmdlet functionality caused by misconfigured PowerShell 7.1 or later on some Windows 11 machines. There is also a workaround for the error in which a message stating “bad image” would appear during the boot process. Microsoft has also resolved the problem that caused searchindexer.exe to crash. The update also addresses a bug that caused remote desktop environments to consume more memory. Some devices that stopped responding after returning from sleep or hibernation should resume normal operation, as the update includes a fix for that issue as well.

Even though the problem has been resolved and is expected to be available on stable PCs soon, it only serves to highlight the fact that Windows 11 has not been Microsoft’s most successful OS rollout. Since its release, Windows 11 has been plagued by a slew of bugs, some of which have been so severe that some users have decided not to update their computers again. One of the most serious issues involved PCs equipped with AMD Ryzen CPUs. These PCs experienced performance slowdowns, as well as an issue that prevented high-end games from running properly due to improper core-shifting in the CPU. Microsoft and AMD collaborated to resolve the issues, which were addressed in an update released earlier this month.


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