Not so fluent in English? Don’t worry Google Pay heard you : New feature Alert

Google pay is launching Hinglish( Hindi + English) in the app by 2022

There are some exciting features waiting for you behind

Google has announced significant updates to the Google Payments app. Google Pay will now include a Hinglish language option. It will be the first Google app to provide the Hinglish option. People will find it easier to utilise Google Pay with this new feature. The majority of Indians prefer to communicate in Hinglish rather than English. Users from all walks of life will be able to make payments using Google Pay with ease.

Google announced at the event that the company had launched Groups on Google Pay the previous year. However, with the new Bill Split function, the search giant will be introducing a new feature to make Groups even more helpful. The Bill Split feature, as the name implies, would allow a group of people visiting a restaurant to split the bill. Users can pay their part by simply activating the bill split mode.

Talkin about the new Google Pay feature, Ambarish Kenghe, Vice President, Product Management, Google Pay, said, “With over 10 million merchants now on Google Pay for Business, and many more joining the fold of digital payments every day, we are making it easy for merchants and micro-entrepreneurs to create an online presence directly from the Google Pay for business app. With the launch of MyShop – merchants will be able to effortlessly build a storefront where they will be able to add images, descriptions of their products, and prices in an easy and intuitive way, then share the link, through their Business Profile, across Google surfaces and beyond Google on social media. We hope this will further fuel the adoption of digital payments amongst new adopters, and help them create their online presence, and gain from the growing digital economy. The coming months will see MyShop and other features go live on Google Pay.”

Another intriguing feature that might be quite useful for Indian customers is the possibility to use Hinglish with Google Pay. Users will be able to alter the language of the Google Pay app in Hinglish by going to Settings. Given how popular and frequently used Google Pay is, Hinglish language inclusion would significantly increase the app’s user base. This is due to the fact that those who are not fluent in English will be able to use the app without trouble. Google stated that the features will be available to users in 2022.

Aside from that, Google has introduced Search enhancements. Users will now be able to hear the search results aloud. This means you won’t have to go through the search results one by one. Simply press a button to request that Google read whatever is presented in the search results. This function would be especially beneficial if you are unable to glance at your phone since you are either driving or doing anything else.

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