Oakwood AgriTech Triumphs with GAISA 4.0 Award for Best Use of AI in Agriculture

New Delhi, 24-01-2024Oakwood AgriTech Private Limited, recognized as agriखेती , has clinched the “Best Use of AI in Agriculture” award at GAISA 4.0, underscoring their groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence into agriculture. The company’s commitment to reshaping farming practices through innovation and sustainability has earned them this prestigious accolade.

Revolutionizing Agriculture with AI: agriखेती  focuses on empowering farmers and communities by employing cutting-edge technology, including AI-driven tools such as Crop Care™, Crop Planner™, and eMandi. This comprehensive approach optimizes yields, enhances market linkages, and reduces environmental impact. The platform’s success is evident in its positive impact on over 1,52,788 farmers and 13,198 farms, championing sustainable farming and technological integration.

Impressive Growth and Future Plans: With an impressive surge in revenue from 50 lacs to 7.1 crores in FY 2023-24, Oakwood AgriTech has strategically expanded its market presence. Looking ahead, the company aims to scale operations across diverse geographies, roll out its tech product at a PAN India level, and introduce innovative tools like an AI-powered multilingual chatbot. Their ambitious targets include cultivating a base of 400,000+ farmers by FY 2025 and reaching over 1 million farmers in the next three years.

Towards Sustainable Growth: Oakwood AgriTech’s success story is characterized by its relentless pursuit of excellence in technology integration, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to serving the agricultural community. The convergence of geographical expansion, technological innovation, and a steadfast commitment to farmers positions the company on a trajectory toward sustainable growth, pioneering advancements, and an unwavering dedication to its mission.

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