TCAAI | CloudMojo Tech Pvt. Ltd. Receives Prestigious GAISA Award for Best Use of AI in Automation

New Delhi, 24-01-2024Technocraft Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (TCAAI), based at IIT Bombay, clinched the coveted “Best Use of AI in Automation” award at the Global Artificial Intelligence Summit & Awards (GAISA) 2024. This recognition is a testament to TCAAI’s commitment to cutting-edge translational research and technological innovation.

TCAAI, as one of IITB’s 16 Research Centres, actively contributes to national leadership in applied AI. The centre’s 360° Product Development model, aligned with ethical considerations, ensures comprehensive solutions for Data Security and Digital Identity Protection. With a focus on Product Delivery, TCAAI collaborates with technology startups to propel AI advancements.

The award-winning AI product, “,” developed in collaboration with CloudMojo Tech Pvt. Ltd., is a testament to TCAAI’s commitment to solving complex problem statements through innovative AI/ML applications. The project, outlined in the attached document, empowers the conversion of unstructured data from various sources into structured data for proactive reporting and analytics.

The d-jinn project’s integration with “BHASHINI” enhances its capabilities by providing Text Translation and Speech Translation features, offering a comprehensive solution across different regional languages in India.

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