Lately studying at night I found glitch from next house which was of the nerdy man who stays alone. These light at that night was scaring cause it was blinking on his face, which make me curious to know what, and why was that but too afraid to even utter a word. To be in that scene was so scary that it is impossible to have word with any one or even to move. And now some shadow was coming close, so close that I was in shock. And now suddenly some sought of scotching light appear it was hurting to eyes and then some wire was thrown down it was looking like snakes who is all ready to take me in just like the world of information and technology. As you all know that Computers and networks (such as the Internet) are the primary means of storing, applying information and publishing. The way it is obtained is very fast and extreme simple. The world today is like a under same roof like small village thanks to information technology; the process of communication and dissemination of information has become obliged to be very fast to all parts of the world, human life, and the latest radical change in, thereby increasing ways of entertainment and comfort, and we can say that hardship and suffering in many things, the world has now become entirely dependent on technology, knowing that this technology holds great danger enough to damage or destroy the society if it improves disposition.

This IT world is just like a rat trap you greed for versatility in your work and here you go with Modern technology that has contributed to the development of science and its technological applications very quickly and made it different from yesterday, and will for sure make the world of tomorrow completely different from today’s world. The impact of information technology, technology holds the role of power; somehow for the knowledge you should know the modern aircraft with electronic technology are much faster than aircraft that lack (and so-called intelligent) IT-based weapons do much more than the weapons of the past. Just like knowledge technology is must; it’s like technology run because of knowledge and if there is knowledge then the technology have a worth. As it is researched that Small computers have the ability to conduct millions of calculations in two seconds Worm compared to the old computer devices with limited effectiveness is limited to the completion of little computational and informatics operations, there is the growth and development of knowledge, which is resulted so many of the examples are innumerable. These growths in technology resulting from the development of science and technology are new features or facets of force, which will provide humanity in the world of tomorrow with new features. The development of information and technology field is an important development for humanity; it is the basis of living a healthy life away from stress, disease and pain. It is in notice that information technology has radically changed human life.

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