How fascinating will it be if we don’t have to face any language barriers? The world will become a more beautiful and socially active place to live in. Now roaming around the globe will not be a hectic task with these Al-Powered Babel-fish in-ear translator. While slashing out all linguistic barriers and making it possible for two people to communicate with each other in different native languages can ease the conversation level. Suppose you are enjoying your world tour and you are in France with zero knowledge of French and you want to ask for a restaurant for a French dinner, Babel-Fish Ear buds will do this job for you.

Why You Need Babel-fish?

This much innovative idea clicked into developer’s mind from Douglas Adams’ cult Sci-fi classic fiction “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which was printed over 20 years ago. But nearly every industry giants are working on how to bring this innovation into reality; it featured a yellow leach like Babel-fish that could translate languages for humans. This fish was put into the human ear uses brain-wave energy that translates any language. The idea for creating came up with this fiction, that’s why the device was named Babel-fish.

In this era where the world has become a global village, communication barrier has always been the main issue since it takes a hell lot of time and effort to understand a language other than your native language and getting a third translator for every other language will become a burden on your pocket. This device lets you surpass the barriers by giving you a real-time translation and lets you reach the global boundaries. A person who is facing problems in crosscountry trades due to communication incompatibility will not be facing this problem anymore.

How this Device works?

Let’s get the utility of this with an example, one person wears the ear bud and the other keeps a phone in his hand, the first person wearing ear bud speaks in his language (English is the default language) and this app on the phone translates the language and then plays it on the phone. The same process goes vice-versa where the person holding the phone speaks in his language for example Swedish, the app again translates the conversation and responses are played through the ear buds. High-end technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are working behind the scene in developing the system more intelligent and efficient by making a vast database with all possible word fragments to cut down the processing time each similar word pair needs to be translated.

How is it Different from Conventional Google Translate App?

Firstly, Babel-fish ear buds offer you real-time translation after robotically figuring out which language the person is speaking; this feature makes it a convenient approach than the traditional Google Translate App. Secondly, even though the speech recognition through app was presented way earlier but the outside noise makes it difficult for an app to understand the words accurately. Babel-fish terminates the noise and translates even typical phrases and words with large support of over 40 languages. It is fast enough to hold your conversation.

Grounds on which this device lacks

Since every technology needs an enhancement to reach its finest stage of adaptability, there are minor changes that need to be done with this device as well.
Babel-fish ear buds have been criticized for its subpar design and maybe it does not fit into your ears comfortably.Setting up this earphone with a phone can be a bit tough.Some of the features need data connection, costing must be improved while roaming in some other country.
The device requires high speed processing at data centers, since the process includes an understanding of natural language and then converting it into text and then responding with a speech output.A difference in accents and pitch will be an issue and confuse the software.It is a futuristic innovative advancement, which will surely hit the market since it comes with huge benefits. Lousy hardware can always be fixed with time but what matters is taking the Hitchhiker’s dream of putting a yellow fish into your ears to get the translation into reality. We will have to see how well they perform with varying WIFI-connections and crosstalk. This actually motivates many developers to develop the fictional characters into reality. The next advancement might bring J.A.R.V.I.S (Just another rather very intelligent system), i.e., Iron Man’s speech-enabled computer into reality.

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