5G reduces latency factor by giving a very high performance, as compared to previous generation communication technology.

5G technology has supper ultra-dense developments for the foundation of 5G IOT. With a wide band and low latency and technology has been giving benefits to industry 4.0 at present. IOT is not yet standing on its full strength so it is time to prepare for welcoming 5G in 2020, because most of the industry has already started working on 5G products.Is 5G only capable of upping the pace?

Some of the network provider plan to provide 5G -based network. However, a big confusion still remains with 5G, that how the business will be impacted in accordance with IOT strategies. As per industry expert opinion, 5G will generate more business in agriculture, smart city, supply chain, healthcare, industrial, transportation, and energy sector. 5G and IOT

In the first generation, we dealt with only speed, then came second generation adding another feature of SMS. The third generation provided us voice, SMS and fast internet connectivity. The third generation is similar to the fourth generation but gives a very high-speed connectivity. It will be faster than all the others, along-with enabling the user to download an HD video in seconds.

How and what all business modules can we develop?

IOT products are currently working on 4G technology but very soon one of the basic circles will be connecting millions of product. Industry 4.0 requires real time data transmission and 4G do help in this but a new era will start when 5g comes into the picture. It has enough capability to change the word in terms of upcoming jobs, entertainment, education, and industry development.

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