Tech Mahindra partners with Cogniac to provide AI-based machine vision solutions

Tech Mahindra announced partnership with Cogniac

The partnership is intended to provide AI based solutions to enterprises

Digital solution provider Tech Mahindra has announced a collaboration with Cogniac, a San Jose, California-based provider of enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) image and video analysis. By offering AI-based Machine Vision Solutions, the companies will make data management much easier for businesses all over the world.

The partnership will boost company operational productivity by maximizing the value of visual data across industries such as automotive, railway, manufacturing, and government, according to a statement from Tech Mahindra.

The AI-based Enterprise Vision Platform from Tech Mahindra and Cogniac will enable enterprises to capitalise on the most recent advances in artificial intelligence and convolutional neural networks to deliver superhuman operational performance across industries such as manufacturing, logistics, packaging, transportation, and others. Tech Mahindra’s deep domain knowledge in business data analysis and industrial production will be combined with Cogniac’s newest AI models, cloud computing, and big data management capabilities to produce a machine vision solution that can alleviate existing bottlenecks. According to the company, integrating automation inside production processes such as quality inspection can assist enhance throughput and profitability.

“In this partnership, with the combined capabilities of Tech Mahindra and Cogniac, we will help customers leverage visual data across sectors, which is currently underutilised. With an aim to deliver transformative enterprise machine solutions that are highly agile and scalable, we have re-aligned our strategy and delivery model to accelerate the customer’s transformation journey,” said Rahul Bhuman, vice president and head of emerging business, Tech Mahindra.

The partnership will provide enterprises throughout the world with a full solution for visual data collecting and analysis, including advanced insights, trends, and outliers. This will enable organisations to make better use of currently unused visual data in order to enhance operations and stimulate development and productivity.

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