WhatsApp to introduce some exciting new features

WhatsApp is exploring a number of intriguing features to improve the user experience. WhatsApp is also working on increasing the time limit for the Delete Message for Everyone feature and will shortly roll out a customized sticker creator for mobile users.

Let’s see what important features WhatsApp going to roll out soon

Delete message for everyone

According to reports, WhatsApp is working to extend the time limit for the Delete Message for Everyone function. Users may already erase messages one hour after sending them, but WhatsApp is also exploring the option of deleting messages after one week.

Speed up forward voice notes

WhatsApp is also considering the idea of speeding up voice notes that have been forwarded. Users may currently speed through audio messages by increasing the speed by 1.5X. However, this is not possible with forwarded voice notes. According to the most recent updates, WhatsApp will soon allow users to speed up the forwarded voice notes. According to WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp features tracker, the ability to speed up a forwarded voice chat is currently unavailable due to the lack of a playback option. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is presently working on a feature that would enable the new playback button on forwarded voice messages.

Hide last seen from selected contacts

WhatsApp will soon allow users to hide their last seen, profile pictures, and about from certain contacts. Users can currently hide their Last Seen, Profile Picture, and About section from all contacts. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not allow users to hide from specific contacts. The only thing you can do now hides it from all of your contacts and anyone whose phone numbers you did not keep. It’s also worth noting that if you hide your last seen in the current settings, you won’t be able to see the last seen of your contacts. Similarly, if you disable the blue ticks, you won’t know if the other person read your message or not.

Custom sticker maker

According to 91Mobiles, WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to design their own stickers on the app. In the following weeks, WhatsApp may render the feature accessible to all users. However, it’s not been revealed how WhatsApp intends to implement the feature. According to the report, WhatsApp may allow users to upload photos first and then transform them into stickers. WhatsApp may also have editing tools like cropping, merging two images, and more.

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