The government of India launches e-RUPI: New digital payment mode

The government of India launches a new digital payment method under UPI named e-Rupi. With the service, the government aims at extending monetary support to people directly by UPI-powered prepaid e-vouchers.


 Citizens can use the voucher without having access to online banking, payments apps, or other traditional payment modes.

The primary purpose of e-Rupi is to enable the large community of the nation unfamiliar with banking to access health services, child welfare, medicines, fertilizer subsidies, and more.


 The government will directly issue prepaid vouchers to citizens after verifying mobile number/and id proof. The prepaid e- Rupi voucher will be sent to the beneficiary’s mobile phone in the form of a QR code or SMS string-based e-voucher. The person can redeem the voucher directly at the service provider. The method has no physical interface by anyone in the process and the transaction is digital, cashless, and contactless.

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