This Agritech startup aims to empower farmers with comprehensive solutions

Bharat Krushi Seva is a startup based in Pune that works with farmers from all over India. The startup is committed to digitising the agriculture industry through IOT implementation. They are a leading IT company in the agricultural field, offering an online platform for farmers to choose new technology.

Bharat Krushi Seva employs a skilled and certified team of Domain Experts, Agriculture & Agribusiness Consultants, IT Professionals, and Marketing Specialists with extensive experience in their respective fields.

Sharayu Lande (Founder and CEO) and Hemant Dhole Patil (Co-founder and COO) come from a farming family and understand the problems that Indian farmers face in terms of low productivity, unpredictable climate change, and uncertain market rates.

Sharayu Lande, Founder and CEO, Bharat Krushi Seva said that, “We were fortunate to receive good education & get placed in IT companies. Having 8 plus years of experience working with technology, helped us understand the power of data & technology and how technology can make a huge difference in the life of Indian farmers. With this initiative, in 2019 we started working with 1,000 farmers on building the algorithm of data analytics & our proof of concepts.”

Hemant Dhole Patil, Co-founder and COO, Bharat Krushi Seva said that, “We are Building Bharat Krushi Seva which is an App-based platform for Farmers. Where farmers can increase their productivity using our cumulative set of services starting from Soil Testing, Personalized crop specific weather monitoring and alerting system, Personalized crop consultancy for early prediction of pest & diseases, credit services to buy the inputs & connectivity with bulk buyers for market linkage.”

These services are provided to farmers through the use of data analytics and remote sensing technology. The best part is that these consultancy schedules change on a daily basis based on changing climatic conditions. This regime is entirely dynamic, based on measurements of soil conditions, water conditions, and changing climatic conditions. They measure the 44 weather parameters and generate an automated alert based on the changing weather parameters.

Currently they have touched the lives of 40,000+ farmers of Maharashtra with 2 business tie ups for input companies with Nirmal Seeds & Zydex, 3 Business Tie Ups in output. They have a Vision for the “Mass Adoption of Digital Agriculture”, Where they Want to touch the lives of 5 Mn Farmers in the upcoming 5 years.

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