Phishing attacks are not unusual on WhatsApp but during the festive season, scammers get more active. One such phishing link is doing the rounds, which lures users with gifts but can rob a person of his personal and financial data if you link on it. It has been reported that the link with Rediroff.ru can infect not only iOS and Android smartphones, but also Windows PCs. The scam has reportedly affected a large number of users on WhatsApp.

According to CNBC, the cyber attackers first send a link with the domain Rediroff.ru in the URL to WhatsApp users along with the message. The message promises rewards and expensive gifts, but in order to claim them, the user must complete a suspicious survey. It was reported that after completing the questionnaires, users were redirected to a different website. Users were asked to enter vital information such as their name, age, address, bank information, and other personal information. The data is then stolen and sold on the dark web by the scammers.

The phishing attacks will never end, but users must keep their eyes open and not believe everything they read online. The first and most important thing users should do is verify the authenticity of the link. If the URL contains Rediroff.ru, they should disregard the link and delete it.

No legitimate company will send you a message claiming to offer you a free gift. Even if it does, the link and message content will be properly crafted. However, in suspicious messages, the message is always grammatically incorrect or the link is broken. Nonetheless, if you unintentionally click on a link, you should scan your devices for any unwanted malware or applications.

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