This new Google Maps feature could be a big lifesaver !!

Google is getting more useful for millions of users around the globe. The app is not spotted showing traffic lights By Droid Life website. While for some people, this feature is seen in the regular view, some are seeing this in the navigation mode. These are usually seen on the crossroads however, the icons are a bit too tiny to spot, specially during navigation when most of us have our eyes on the road and check the map only for a quick glimpse on where to turn next.

Also mentioned is that besides the small icons, there are no other indicators that focus on this feature. Even the audio navigation does not mention it for now. It is not for sure if you have to enable the traffic layer in the Maps app to see the traffic lights. All this and the fact that it’s not visible to all somewhere hints that the feature is still under tests for now. But it is surely a welcome feature.

It is also one of those rare instances where Google Maps is lagging behind Apple Maps. The iPhone maker introduced the feature to show traffic lights and stop signs in its Apple Maps app with iOS 13 last year.

Last last month, app developer Jane Manchun Wong spotted some new features in Google Maps that aren’t live yet. The list included a new search bar, Bay Wheels integration, First mile transit information, New place card and more accurate cab fare.

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