WhatsApp working on two new features : All you need to know

WhatsApp is working possibility of playing and resuming voice recordings.

The pause and resume feature would allow users to pause their recording and then resume it before sending.

WhatsApp was found to develop two intriguing features. According to reports, the messaging app was working on the option to play and resume voice recordings, as well as the ability to hide last seen from particular contacts. The feature is currently being made available to selected beta testers. The pause and resume feature would allow users to pause and resume their recording before sharing it. Currently, users may only record and transmit a voice message in one session. They are unable to listen to their recording before sending it.

According to Wabetainfo, the voice recording feature is only available on certain WhatsApp accounts. Even if you are a beta tester, you may not be able to use the feature yet since it has only been distributed to a restricted group of beta testers. While recording a voice message, certain users may notice voice waveforms. If you see it, you have a better chance of getting the feature. You might try sending a voice message.

Aside from that, WhatsApp is developing another beneficial feature. The feature was found in the messaging app’s beta version. WhatsApp will soon allow you to hide your profile photo from certain contacts. Users may now hide their Last Seen, Profile Picture, and About section from all contacts. Currently, WhatsApp does not allow users to hide it from certain contacts.

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