360DigiTMG honored with “Best Use of AI in Education” Award at GAISA 4.0

New Delhi,28-01-2024: 360DigiTMG’s AiTutor has secured the prestigious ‘Best Use of AI in Education‘ award at the 4th Global Artificial Intelligence Summit & Awards ’24 (GAISA 4.0). The award underscores 360DigiTMG’s commitment to harnessing AI’s transformative power to reshape and enhance the educational landscape.

AiTutor, the innovative AI-driven educational platform developed by 360DigiTMG, stood out in the competitive ‘Best Use of AI in Education’ category, showcasing its effectiveness in leveraging artificial intelligence to provide cutting-edge learning experiences. The recognition received at GAISA 4.0 serves as a testament to the platform’s impact on educational practices and its potential to drive positive change.

AiTutor, designed to enhance the learning journey, incorporates advanced AI algorithms to personalize educational content, provide real-time feedback, and adapt to individual student needs. The platform’s success in winning this prestigious award highlights its effectiveness in addressing the evolving needs of modern education.

360DigiTMG expresses gratitude to its dedicated team, whose unwavering commitment to excellence has played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone. The company also extends heartfelt thanks to its supporters and stakeholders who have been instrumental in driving the vision of transforming education through AI.

For more information,visit: GAISA Official Website

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