A global launch to YouTube shorts: An answer to Instagram reels?

The rising popularity of short video platforms like Instagram reels, tiktok and many other
platforms made google to get it's hand on making YouTube shorts, featuring 15 second
videos.it was officially launched in September 2020 by making it available to creators in
India and eventually to US and UK on march 2021 and June 2021 respectively.

As per the reports (The verge), YouTube shorts are available in more than 100
countries where YouTube itself is available. YouTube team believes, the extensive
experience in video platform will give them the competitive advantage over rivals like
reels and tiktok.
Shorts is accessible from the home page of YouTube. Creators can access the massive
video library of YouTube platform for audio content and additional features like filters
and the ability to add captions will be launched soon. Finally, YouTube says, they will
offer monetization rewards to shorts as well.

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