AICRA set up the India STEM Incubation Center at ROBOTAURA Technologies, Sonipat, Under the India STEM Mission

  • AICRA inaugurates the India STEM Incubation Center at ROBOTAURA Technologies in Sonipat in line with the ambitious India STEM Mission.
  •  Kuldeep Sharma, Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Haryana, addresses the event as the chief guest.
  •  The India STEM incubation center focuses on hands-on education, emphasizing robot building and science-based activities to inspire innovative thinking and problem-solving.


Haryana,30-01-2024: The All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) celebrated a major achievement with the inauguration of the India STEM Incubation Center at ROBOTAURA Technologies in Sonipat, Haryana.  Kuldeep Sharma, Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Haryana, addressed the event as the chief guest, alongside AICRA leadership including Rajkumar Sharma (AICRA Director) and Alka Sachdeva (Vice President, AICRA), and other team members.











The Incubation Center concept emphasizes hands-on STEM education, focusing on robot building and science-based activities. This approach encourages students to explore challenging ideas and convert them into tangible solutions, such as working robots or engaging in science experiments.

Hosting the India STEM incubation center at ROBOTAURA Technologies brings forth a myriad of benefits to the tech-focused company. As the lab becomes a center for hands-on STEM education and innovation, ROBOTAURA stands at the forefront of nurturing a new generation of talent in robotics and automation. The collaboration not only reinforces ROBOTAURA’s commitment to education but also positions the company as a pivotal player in shaping the skills and competencies of future professionals. 

The partnership enhances ROBOTAURA’s corporate social responsibility but also provides a unique opportunity for the company to actively engage with the local community, educational institutions, and future innovators, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of learning and technological exploration. 

Under the India STEM Mission (ISM) Project, AICRA unveiled plans to establish 2000 India STEM incubation centers in schools across the country. The mission is centered on creating an ecosystem that inspires learners in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), fostering innovative projects alongside regular studies, and providing exposure to international competitions.











AICRA is committed to revolutionizing STEM education in India, and the inauguration of the incubation center at ROBOTAURA Technologies is a significant step towards achieving this goal. The organization looks forward to widespread success in shaping the future of young minds through this initiative.

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The All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) stands as a vanguard of innovation and technological mastery. As a preeminent organization singularly devoted to advancing the fields of robotics and automation, AICRA has evolved into a pivotal force, acting as a catalyst for transformative change and fostering sustainable progress. Rooted in the core principles of nurturing innovation and shaping the trajectory of automation, AICRA has played an instrumental role in seamlessly bridging the gap between academia and industry. With an unwavering commitment to the promotion of cutting-edge technologies, the organization has emerged as a driving force propelling India towards its destined position as a global leader in the expansive realm of Artificial Intelligence & robotics.

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