Director of AICRA, Rajkumar Sharma, Sets the Tone for GAISA 4.0 with Inspiring Welcome Speech


AICRA Director, Mr. Rajkumar Sharma, sets the tone for GAISA 4.0, underscoring AI’s transformative impact across sectors.

GAISA 4.0 aims to bridge industry, academia, and government collaboration, focusing on pivotal sectors such as defense, cybersecurity, healthcare, education, and agriculture.

AICRA’s initiatives, including STEM labs, Centers of Excellence, and Incubation Centers, showcase a commitment to fostering AI innovation in India and building a collaborative ecosystem.


New Delhi,28-01-2024: Rajkumar Sharma, Director of the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA), welcomed distinguished guests and participants to the 4th Global Artificial Intelligence Summit & Awards (GAISA 4.0). His poetic reflections on the impact of AI set the stage for an eventful summit that aims to bridge the gap between industry, academia, and the government.

Mr. Sharma emphasized the profound transformation AI has brought to various sectors, from healthcare and education to agriculture and defense. With over 5000 companies now actively engaged in AI development in India, he highlighted the rapid growth of the AI landscape since the inception of GAISA in 2019. The summit focuses on crucial sectors such as defense, cybersecurity, robotics, automation, healthcare, education, and agriculture, underscoring the pivotal role AI plays in shaping these domains.

GAISA 4.0 is designed not only as a platform for thought leaders to share technical expertise but also as a forum for collaborative discussions. Mr. Sharma outlined the importance of roundtable sessions, providing industry experts, government officials, and defense personnel with an opportunity to address challenges, share insights, and collectively work toward solutions.

AICRA’s commitment to fostering AI innovation in India was further emphasized, with Mr. Sharma detailing initiatives such as setting up STEM labs in schools, establishing Centers of Excellence in universities, and launching Incubation Centers across the country. These initiatives aim to create an ecosystem where academia, industry, and government can collaboratively drive advancements in AI.

As the summit unfolds, participants can expect enlightening discussions, expert insights, and collaborative engagements that will contribute to the continued growth and indigenization of AI in India. Mr. Sharma concluded his welcome speech by urging participants to actively contribute to the conference’s constructive and productive nature, ensuring that GAISA remains a catalyst for positive change in the AI landscape.

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