DRDO Chairman,Samir V Kamat, Addresses GAISA 4.0, Emphasizes AI’s Crucial Role in Defence

Renowned Defence R&D Secretary,Samir V Kamat emphasizes collaborative efforts in leveraging AI for national security and civilian applications.

Mr. Kamat highlights AI’s potential to revolutionize military capabilities, enhance cybersecurity, and optimize human-AI synergy for superior military performance.

Secretary Kamat announces the establishment of a young scientists’ lab, centres of excellence, and funding initiatives, underscoring DRDO’s dedication to embedding AI in defence technologies.


New Delhi, 28-01-2024: Samir V Kamat (Secretary of Defence R&D and Chairman of DRDO) addressed a distinguished audience at the 4th Global Artificial Intelligence Summit & Awards ’24 (GAISA 4.0). In his keynote speech, Mr. Kamat provided profound insights into the critical role of artificial intelligence (AI) within the civilian and defence domains.

Acknowledging the summit’s pivotal role in dissecting the transformative potential of AI, Mr. Kamat underscored the imperative for collaborative initiatives among research and development laboratories, academic institutions, and industry stakeholders. With a sagacious perspective, he emphasized the disruptive influence of AI, drawing historical parallels to underscore the importance of preventing technological lags, as witnessed in semiconductor technology.

Mr Kamat’s discourse delved into the nuances of AI’s imminent impact on the defence sector. He elucidated on AI’s prowess in processing extensive datasets at unparalleled speeds, thereby amplifying military capabilities through real-time analysis of information sourced from satellites, drones, and diverse sensors. The secretary expounded on the expanding role of autonomous systems, including drones, underwater vehicles, and ground-based AI applications, redefining contemporary warfare.

Cybersecurity emerged as a focal point in Mr Kamat’s address, where he accentuated the significance of AI-driven systems in mitigating cyber threats against defence infrastructure in real-time. The collaborative synergy between human decision-makers and AI systems emerged as a recurring theme, with Mr Kamat envisioning a force multiplier effect that optimizes overall military performance.

Addressing ethical considerations associated with AI, particularly in defence applications, Mr Kamat outlined DRDO’s commitment to infusing AI algorithms into their systems. He unveiled the establishment of a dedicated young scientists’ laboratory focused on addressing AI challenges and highlighted initiatives such as centres of excellence in academic institutions.

Mr. Kamat concluded his keynote by encouraging collaborative partnerships between DRDO, industry leaders, and academia. He extended support through technology development funds and forthcoming contests, including AI-centric challenges, fostering a shared commitment to advancing AI’s frontiers.

The GAISA 4.0 audience, comprising global leaders and industry pioneers, expressed appreciation for Mr. Kamat’s profound insights, anticipating a blueprint for the future trajectory of AI and collaborative leadership.

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