Technoxian Expands Global Footprint through a strategic collaboration with AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY from Iran

Technoxian expands its global footprint with a strategic partnership with AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY

AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY will organize a Technoxian National Round in Iran to find young talents in the country.

Collaboration set to shape the future of robotics education and competition in Iran.


New Delhi, 01-12-2023 – Technoxian, a trailblazer in the field of robotics competitions, proudly announces its collaboration with AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY from Iran. The alliance, solidified through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signifies a significant step towards fostering innovation, knowledge-sharing, and excellence in robotics education.

The MoU was ceremoniously signed in New Delhi, underscoring the commitment of both Technoxian and AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY to provide an international platform for robotics enthusiasts. This collaboration aims to create a robust ecosystem that nurtures talent, encourages collaboration, and promotes the advancement of robotics education globally.

As part of the agreement, AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY will take on the role of National Coordinator for Technoxian in Iran. This designation entails organizing and overseeing the Technoxian National Round in Iran, providing a gateway for local teams to showcase their robotics prowess and qualify for participation in the Technoxian World Robotics Championship (WRC).

Rajkumar Sharma, CEO of Technoxian, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY to the Technoxian family. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to creating a global community of young innovators, and we look forward to propelling the field of robotics to new heights together.”

AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY is poised to play a crucial role in fostering robotics education in Iran. The organization will actively engage in promoting research and academic activities in the field, as well as guiding and training teaching staff and students to excel in Technoxian competitions.

The representatives from Technoxian and AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY jointly expressed their optimism about the collaboration, anticipating that it will not only strengthen the bond between the two entities but also contribute significantly to the development and growth of robotics education and innovation in Iran.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Technoxian and AYRIK ROBOTIC SADRA COMPANY marks a historic milestone in the global landscape of robotics competitions. As these two entities unite, the world can anticipate an even greater showcase of talent, innovation, and collaboration at the upcoming Technoxian World Robotics Championship. The alliance promises to shape the future of robotics education and competition, opening new horizons for aspiring robotic enthusiasts in Iran and beyond.


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