Alphabet’s Q2 earnings were announced by beating Wall Street’s expectations

Google’s parent company Alphabet announced their Q2 earnings on Tuesday by beating the expectations of Wall Street. Alphabet’s profit per share was $27.26 while Wall Street reported $19.21. Total revenue was $61.88 billion versus the $ 56.02 estimate.

Alphabet revealed that googles ad business skyrocketed in quarter 2 with $57.1 billion in revenue steered by Google search ads which brought in $35.8 billion in revenue. they also confirmed youtube’s advertising revenue growth as 84 percent and generated $7 billion.

Google chief business officer Philippa schindler says, “The global shift to online video and streaming continues with 2 billion monthly users and 2 billion hours of video being watched on its service every day, Google is at the forefront of this shift”

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