Amazon Disables Its Original iOS App in India, Customers Required to Switch to New App or Use Website !!

Amazon has finally disabled its original iOS app for customers in India, and is now asking them to either switch to its new ‘Amazon India – Shop and Pay’ app or use the website to shop from their Apple devices. The new change comes several months after the US e-commerce giant placed a splash screen on its older iOS app encouraging users to switch to the new app that includes support for scanning Unified Payments Interface (UPI) QR codes and sign up for the Amazon Pay UPI service. If you already have the original Amazon app on your iOS device, you’ll be able taken directly to the website once you open the app. This means that you will no longer be able to make any purchases through the existing app.

Prior to the latest update, the older Amazon app was showing a splash screen that was warning users about its disappearance by saying, “Support for this app will stop soon.” The banner, however, included a button to dismiss the warning, which is no longer available. Instead, the new change has replaced that dismiss button with a link that reads, “Shop on website.”

As per the details provided by Amazon on its support page (accessible only through mobile devices), the new change is aimed to “enhance the shopping & payment experience of iOS customers.” The company has also assured customers that by switching to the new app, their existing shopping history, subscriptions, payment instruments, and addresses will be automatically migrated.

An email sent to Amazon India for a comment on  update they didn’t elicit a response until the time of publishing to this story. It is very important to point out that references of the new Amazon app for iOS customers in India are there from as early as January. The new app also co-existed on the App Store with the original one initially. However, Amazon eventually hid the original app from the App Store for customers in India and made only the local version available for download.



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