Amazon supporting AAB for App store following Google

Earlier google announced its support to android app bundles over APK’s by making it as the publishing format of applications in play store starting from august 2021.

As per the latest reports, amazon is extending hands on support of AAB, following google.

The app bundles will be completely optional in amazon and developers can submit apps either in APK or in AAB format. The app submission process will remain unaltered and there is no need to resubmit your app if it was previously published in APK format.

Amazon wrote in a blog post, “Amazon Appstore does not require you to share your app signing key to submit App Bundles. You will continue to sign App Bundles similar to the way that you sign APKs and submit today,”

The step taken by amazon to support AAB is important since their partnership with Microsoft to bring Android apps to Windows 11 via Microsoft Store.

Amazon has not revealed more details regarding app bundle but promised to share updates later this year.

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