Android 12; Hidden features

An insight to the hidden features of android 12

The mid of July this year, witnessed the release of 3rd public beta of android 12. Recent version of android incorporated several amazing features including scrollable screenshot.

Google promised some new privacy features with this major revamp, but the surprise doesn’t end here. As per the OS diggers, there many hidden features that are not announced by google yet. For example, android 12 includes a dedicated game mode and a shortcut to notification history.

Here is list of hidden features found so far…!

Android 12 introduces a history button at the bottom of notification shade and one tap to it will take you through recently cleared notification.

The new one-handed mode in android 12 moves the top half of your screen down to the bottom half, making it easier to use with one hand. Enable it via settings

Settings > System > Gestures > One-Handed Mode

As mentioned above, google is adding a dedicated gaming mode in android 12 to make your phone automatically turn on DO NOT DISTRUB when you start playing

Finally, android 12 on the pixel 5 has a new app grid option – 2×2.

As we get closer to the official launch, more & more features will be added. Let’s wait until an OS digger comes up with another update.

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