Two more famous voices to Alexa tool kit…!

Are you getting bored with amazon Alexa’s default voice? Then it’s time for you to celebrate as amazon is adding two famous voices to Alexa’s toolkit. In the past, when amazon added Samuel L Jackson’s voice, people went gaga over it.

Shaquille O’Neal, four-time NBA champ and Oscar-nominated actor Melissa McCarthy will give their voices to Alexa.


Amazon says, “the SLJ skill, introduced for a limited price of $0.99, became one of its top-selling digital purchases upon launch. The new voice options don’t come with an early discount, so you’ll have to fork out $5 for each. But, the prospect of hearing Shaq rap and McCarthy tell jokes may seal the deal for some.”

These updates from amazon is an example of the innovations happening with AI. So Alexa, more love from all around the world is waiting for u.!

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