Tata Bye Bye fakespot, says apple iOS store

Apple removed fakespot review app from iOS store on Friday without any further explanation. The app was designed for hiding fake product reviews from amazon but later, amazon found itself in a big trouble!!

Founder of fakespot, Saoud Khalifah confirmed that they received a takedown notice from amazon claiming the app provides misleading information about the products and sellers in the month of June.

The fakespot “provides customers with misleading information about our sellers and their products, harms our sellers’ businesses when it grades products and sellers on a scale separate from Amazon’s own reviews system” says amazon. Amazon also said it was not able to verify what Fakespot “is or is not doing, today or in the future, which is why this is a security risk.”

Amazon says the company has necessary tools to identify and stop fake reviews, suggesting that third-party services that claim to do this “are mostly wrong.”

Finally, Amazon’s concern regarding the fakespot app has come to an end

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