Apple’s web browser safari changing for better!!

Apple today, released the third developer betas for iOS 15, iPad OS 15 and mac OS Monterey and everything is new here. Apple’s browser safari is exposed to some key changes including easier access to reloading, sharing and Tab Groups in mac OS Monterey, improved navigation features in iOS 15 as well as some design updates.

Apple is making the use of safari browser easier on iOS 15. According to the update, while you search something, you will be seeing the typing field just above the keyboard.

In addition to this, Apple introduced a new menu by removing tabs bar which in turn added more screen space to website content. Further pointing, apple’s standalone tab bar returned and will be enabled by default. With the set of changes, users will also get one click access to controls and access to features such as tab groups from the toolbar.

In future, these changes will be implemented on iPad OS beta

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