BGMI Faces Potential Ban in India Amid Data Transfer Concerns

New Delhi | Updated 08-03-2924, 12:01 pm IST

  • BGMI faces potential ban in India due to concerns over data transfers to servers linked with China.
  • Suspicions raised by government authorities regarding potential misuse of user data collected by BGMI, particularly after the entry of a Pakistani national who met her partner through the platform.
  • Meeting scheduled for next week to decide BGMI’s fate in India, with Krafton, the company behind the game, expected to present its case amidst concerns over data security and privacy.

The fate of the popular mobile gaming app Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) hangs in the balance once again as concerns over potential data transfers to servers linked with China have emerged. The looming uncertainty has cast a shadow over the gaming community, with a meeting scheduled for next week set to decide the app’s future in India.

Suspicions Revolve Around Seema Haider

One of the key figures in the potential ban is Seema Haider, a Pakistani national who reportedly found love with an Indian man named Sachin Meena through the gaming platform. The Indian government has expressed apprehensions that data collected by BGMI, including location and audio recordings, could be exploited for surveillance or cyberattacks. These concerns stem from BGMI’s association with PUBG Mobile, which faced a ban due to similar data security issues.

Government’s Vigilance and Inquiries

Reports indicate that BGMI’s servers are located in the US, but authorities are keen on ensuring that data is not transferred to servers elsewhere, particularly those linked with China. As a result, a detailed inquiry directed at Krafton, the company behind BGMI, is underway. The government is eagerly awaiting Krafton’s response, which is expected to shed light on the data transfer mechanisms and address concerns raised by the cybersecurity division.

BGMI’s Troubled Past and the Road Ahead

BGMI’s journey in India has been marred by controversy. Previously banned in 2022 due to data security concerns, the app’s connection to a Chinese company and its predecessor PUBG Mobile heightened suspicions among government officials. Despite BGMI’s rebranding and efforts to distance itself from its predecessor, apprehensions persist, prompting a reevaluation of its status in the Indian gaming landscape.

With a meeting scheduled for next week, BGMI’s future hangs in the balance. While the gaming community eagerly awaits clarity on the matter, the outcome of the meeting will shape the trajectory of BGMI in India and possibly redefine the landscape of mobile gaming in the country.


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