Brain implant helps paralyzed man to turn his thoughts into words

The Facebook funded UCSF study on implanted brain computer interfaces achieved a milestone by turning the thoughts of a speech impaired paralyzed patient into words.

The implanted device decodes signals from the brain and allows paralyzed people who lost the speaking ability to communicate with their brain signals. Brain computer interfaces are creating a buzz with their recent developments and breakthroughs. Now, UCSF is about to give a better twist to the on-going research analyzing actual attempts at speech and acting almost like a translator.

Edward Chang, a neurosurgeon at the University of California, San Francisco.” says, “This tells us that it’s possible, I think there’s a huge runway to make this better over time.”

The researches based on neural input technology is in its baby days and every small milestone is a reason to celebrate.

Let’s hope for better and bigger innovations in this field.

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