Changing trends in the Smartphone market in India

Last year the Indian smartphone market witnessed a huge change, where big screens phones were leading among the users and camera quality was one of the prominent feature users were looking for. Here are some of the statistics which will give you a glimpse of the scenario,

  • 75% of smartphones launched in India, were under the price segment of Rs. 20,000
  • Nearly 61% of phones were released with the screen size of 5.6 inches and above
  • 92% of the phones above Rs, 10,000 had bigger displays with 18:9 or higher aspect ratio, and minimal bezel.
  • Around half the phones launched had dual rear cameras –previously this was something that we had seen in ‘premium phone only’ till last year.
  • Good camera’ was the most significant quality factor that consumers looked for!
  • Xiaomi was the most popular brand in terms of user interest – largely thanks to the mostly more bang-for-the-buck ratio that Xiaomi devices have continued in India
  • OnePlus was rated as the most satisfying brand in 2018
  • Flipkart was the most popular among buyers for phone purchases. They have been exclusive partners for a lot of the popular Xiaomi phones in India.


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