ChatGPT: The In-Demand AI Chatbot Creating Job Opportunities

Since its introduction in 2022, ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm. This AI chatbot quickly gained popularity for its remarkable ability to respond in a human-like manner and handle a wide range of tasks. From writing essays and poetry to composing music, people quickly discovered numerous applications for this generative AI chatbot.

As time goes on, ChatGPT is increasingly becoming a necessity in the tech space. Those who possess expertise in using this AI chatbot now have a plethora of job options available to them. A recent study conducted by ResumeBuilder revealed that a staggering 91 percent of companies with job vacancies are actively seeking professionals with ChatGPT proficiency. Respondents to the study expressed the belief that AI can enhance productivity, save time, and improve overall company performance.

According to a report from Business Insider, companies on LinkedIn are willing to pay top dollar for individuals with ChatGPT expertise. In fact, some companies are offering salaries of up to USD 185,000 (approximately Rs 1.5 crore) per year for such positions.

For example, Recruiting from Scratch, a US-based HR company, is currently hiring for the role of Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Audio. The job requirements include familiarity with current AI tools and platforms such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and others. The position offers a salary range of USD 125,000 to USD 185,000 per year.

Similarly,, a conversational AI tool, is looking to hire a Remote Machine Engineer with experience in natural language processing and large language models like those behind ChatGPT. The position pays up to USD 170,000 per year. Srinivas Njay, the CEO of, emphasized the importance of experience with large language models in helping their customers, particularly banks and credit unions, become more efficient in engaging with their clients.

Contrary to concerns that AI tools like ChatGPT may lead to job losses, many experts believe that they will actually create more job opportunities. One emerging profession in this regard is Prompt Engineering, which is gaining significant popularity. In March of this year, a San Francisco-based AI startup named Anthropic made headlines for seeking to hire a Prompt Engineer and a Librarian, offering a salary of up to USD 335,000 per year (approximately Rs 2.7 crore). This high salary underscores the demand for professionals with expertise in this field.

However, San Francisco is not the only location where AI Prompt Engineering roles are being filled. Job-search platforms like LinkedIn showcase numerous opportunities for prompt engineers worldwide. Recognizing the growing popularity of this role, several platforms have even started offering courses in Prompt Engineering to help individuals master this craft.

As the demand for AI technologies continues to rise, professionals skilled in ChatGPT and related fields are poised to enjoy lucrative job prospects. The versatile capabilities of ChatGPT have not only transformed the way we interact with AI but have also opened up new doors for employment, ushering in a new era of innovation and opportunity in the tech industry.

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