Faster & efficient robotic window cleaner

A new robotic window cleaner has been made by researchers that ensure more potential than the current methods. As per the note released by one of its co-founders, Mohammed dabri, their robotic window will increase efficiency and abolish the risk of injuries.

Mohammed dabri says, they developed a robotic window cleaner after witnessing the tragic death of a window cleaner who fell from the 10th floor of a building.

“Then, a man lost his life just so the windows are cleaner for a few weeks, which is very unfair trade,” says Dabiri. “I was thinking, well, there is no good reason why we can’t use robots instead.”

“window washing can be dangerous, inefficient and unsustainable. “Many window cleaning contractors have told us that they can’t find the necessary workforce for their building—the job is very physical, demanding, and not so many people want to do that,” he says.

The invention made them won the best entrepreneur award at 2021 mitacs entrepreneur award

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