Flipkart announced the launch of Flipkart Health+

Flipkart will now host an online pharmacy with the acquisition of Sastasundar.com.

SastaSundar.com is a known digital healthcare and pharmacy platform in India.

Flipkart will soon provide a service that would deliver medicines to your home. Starting with an online pharmacy as part of its new Flipkart Health+ initiative, the e-commerce giant will eventually give customers access to online medical consultations and tests. The initiative stems from Flipkart’s recent acquisition of Sastasundar Marketplace Limited, better known as the online pharmacy site SastaSundar.com.

Flipkart has announced that it has purchased a majority stake in the online pharmacy and digital healthcare platform, though the value of the transaction was not disclosed. In addition, the business has launched its Flipkart Health+ programme, which aims to give its users access to affordable and convenient healthcare.

In India, SastaSundar.com is a well-known digital healthcare and pharmaceutical website. It is supported by a network of over 490 pharmacies and strives to give customers in India access to economical and high-quality healthcare. It accomplishes this by obtaining products from approved sources and delivering them around the country.

Through this network, the company also offers personal counselling, providing comprehensive answers for a variety of healthcare needs. Flipkart Health+ will leverage SastaSundar’s experience in the field to give customers end-to-end services in the health-tech ecosystem. The new project will try to give Indian people access to high-quality, low-cost healthcare. It intends to begin with e-pharmacy, which means Flipkart Health+ would allow users to purchase pharmaceuticals through its online platform and have them delivered to their homes.

In the future, the company intends to progressively provide new healthcare services, such as e-diagnostics and e-consultation. Ajay Veer Yadav, Senior Vice President and a Flipkart veteran, will be in charge of Flipkart Health+.

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