Gmail App for iOS to get a new widget

The Gmail app for iOS is getting a new widget that will have the same functionality as Android.

Google is also rolling out some features for Google Meet and Google Sheets.

The Gmail app for iOS will get a new widget with the same functionality as the Android app. Google released an image of the inbox, which includes the sender and topic of three recent emails. The new widget would display the senders and subjects of the user’s most recent emails on the user’s home screen. Google said the new widget will be available in the coming weeks. The change comes after Gmail for iOS discontinued an earlier version of the widget that was ill-regarded.

Google began distributing the widget with iOS 14 in November of last year. It provided users with limited activities that had been available to Android users for years. These featured links to your inbox, the compose menu, and the search.  However, there was no preview of the inbox content, and there was no way to read, archive, or delete mail without opening the app. According to The Verge, the widget’s lack of functionality was due to Apple’s limitations, and the regulations have not changed, but the new appearance will allow users to obtain more information about what is in their inbox.

Google Meet and Google Sheets are also receiving upgrades. Google Meet for iOS now supports Picture-in-Picture, enabling multitasking easier for iOS users. Google said the feature will be available inside the Gmail app in the coming weeks. This will allow users to exit the Google Meet app while the meeting is in progress. When users browse to another app to share a document or check something up, their meeting is minimised in a window that can be moved around their home screen. Users will also be able to resize the meeting window or slide it over to the side if they need more space to work on something else.

Google is expanding keyboard shortcuts for iOS users who use Google Sheets. Google emphasises that using a small keyboard, shortcuts make it easier to complete common and advanced tasks on Google Sheets. Google says that shortcuts work when users use their iPad’s Bluetooth or Magic keyboard. Users can access a list of shortcuts by holding down the command button.

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