Google classroom offline : Google to let students to learn without internet

Google announced Google Classroom offline that will enable students to work on projects when offline.

Google Classroom offline will allow students to download assignments, work on them offline and submit notebook images as homework.

Google unveiled Google Classroom offline on Thursday, allowing students to download assignments, work on them offline, and submit notebook images as homework. Teachers may now use Google Classroom offline to review assignments, add grades, and send feedback from anywhere.

Sapna Chadha, Vice President of Marketing for Google India and SEA, revealed new offline features for students. Students will be able to download learning material whenever they have an internet connection and work on them later. As homework, they will also be allowed to choose and submit various images.

Google just added the Practise Problem feature on Google Search to make it easier to access practise content. Parents and children may use Google to find learning content and get help from top education providers. Google has also just released a service called Reading Groups to track kids’ reading progress and support students who require assistance.

“Our aim is to help everyone in the world learn anything in the world, whether that is learning for school, for work, or for life,” Sapna Chadha said. She noted that Google has supported Kaivalya Education Foundation to upskill over 500 thousand teachers from remote areas in digital skills. Google is also supporting state-led foundational literacy and numeracy programs in Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Gujarat through the Read-Along app. Google has also collaborated with state governments of Maharashtra and Delhi, CBSE and FICCi Arise.

Google added support for ten more Indian languages last year, as well as support for over 54 languages globally, with more to come in the future. Google has said that it will work for Classroom mobile apps to function in intermittent connectivity and has put out features that will assist admins or teachers in monitoring how often a student interacts on Google Classroom using student engagement metrics.

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