Google Maps getting an update : All you need to know

Google Maps will soon show details of retail stores within a large building like a mall or an airport.

It will help users choose restaurants based on their price range, reviews.

Google has announced new Maps features that will provide additional information about locations such as malls, airports, and public areas. The features are intended to assist Google Maps users in navigating their way around places they may need to visit over the upcoming holiday season.

In a blog post, Google notes that “many places around the world are lifting [movement] restrictions” after the pandemic-hit couple of years. It is thus anticipated that people will travel to places of interest this festive season. Google’s new features will help users plan these travels easily and with more insights, which were not seen on the navigation app before.
For this, four features have been announced. Some of these will be available to Google Maps users worldwide, while others will be limited to certain regions for the time being.

Let’s see what are the new features coming on Google Map:

Area Busyness

Area Busyness, a useful new feature and may soon become the ideal answer for individuals who wish to avoid crowds. The feature will provide real-time busyness patterns in a certain area. This implies that Google Maps users will be able to view how crowded a specific location is at any time of day.

Directory upgrade

Maps will now allow users to quickly find their way around large structures, which is a much-needed feature for urban areas. The Directory tab will be updated to contain information on all of the outlets within a major structure, such as a mall or an airport, for this purpose.

Pickup with Google Maps

The Google Maps update will also benefit customers’ grocery shopping by making it a far more efficient procedure. Users who place grocery orders using Google Maps pickup will be able to check their order status, give their ETA, and notify the shop that they have arrived for the grocery pickup right from the app.

More information on eateries

Google Maps will now reveal more information about restaurants and cafés as part of the update. The app will display price ranges for dining places as reported by other Google Maps users. Furthermore, it will make it easier for users to review a place by simply picking a list of features that the spot has or does not have. Outdoor sitting, delivery choices, curbside pickup, and other such elements might be included.

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