Instagram to ask for video selfie to complete sign up

Instagram will now make it harder for users to get through its sign-in process without proving adequate proofs.

Instagram was spotted testing the features last year but couldn’t roll it out then due to technical issues.

Creating several Instagram accounts may no longer be as simple as it once was. The social networking app will now make it more difficult for users to join in without providing proper proof. Instagram will require certain users to provide video selfies displaying several angles of their faces in order to authenticate that they are real people. According to the article, not everyone would be subjected to this stringent sign-in procedure. It might be limited to questionable accounts exclusively.

Social media consultant Matt Navara has posted screenshots of the upcoming Instagram feature and written, “Instagram is now using video selfies to confirm users identity. Meta promises not to collect biometric data.” The screenshots show Instagram asking users to take a video selfie. “We need a short video of you turning your head in different directions. This helps us confirm that you are a real person and confirm your identity,” the Instagram notification read.

Instagram was seen testing the features last year but was unable to put them out owing to technical constraints. However, the feature is not yet ready for launch. Several individuals from around the world have stated that they were requested to upload a video in order to validate their current accounts.

While recording a video selfie may be annoying, it is a smart move made by the social media company to track down creeps and trolls. Some people create many profiles just for the purpose of leaving nasty comments on the posts of celebrities and influencers. With the current changes in place, it may be more difficult to create multiple accounts. Because Instagram will only allow you to create an account if your video is verified by the company, there will be no concept of nameless, faceless trolls.

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