Google reintroduces Google Maps for the Apple Watch after pulling it out 3 years ago !!

Google has made two more new announcements about the Google Maps for anApple platforms, according to an Ars Technical report. For starters, Google Maps will now work with the dashboard view on Apple’s CarPlay screens and second, the company is also relaunching the Google Maps app on the Apple Watch. The CarPlay dashboard support mode was introduced in iOS 13 last year and could only support Apple Maps. Other developers were allowed to take advantage of this in Marcha when iOS 13.4 was rolled out.

Now, the inclusion of Google Maps into the fold will allow users to see maps and media controls side by side when on the CarPlay dashboard. Google’s blog post announces that this feature is available for all the users of CarPlay-supported vehicles from right now. The Google Maps for the Apple Watch brings in turn-by-turn directions but it will not be available right now. Google says that the app is launching worldwide over the coming weeks. Once on the Apple Watch, the app will be able to give step-by-step directions for driving, walking, cycling and while taking public transportation as well.

Google adds that you can get directions to places you have previously saved, places like home or office. However, you to get directions for a new place, you will have to start the process on your phone and then carry on the Apple Watch. This is not the first time Google Maps is on the Apple Watch though. Google Maps was previously offered as an Apple Watch app that was an extension of the Google Maps iPhone app. But it was to be pulled out in 2017 without reasons. That was a part of a major exodus of significant apps from the Apple Watch that included the likes of Amazon as well. Since then, Apple has launched a dedicated App Store for the Apple Watch. Earlier Apple Watch users would have to initiate Watch App downloads from the iPhone.


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