Google to Shut Down Google Pay in US, Indian Users to Remain Unaffected

New Delhi |Updated Feb 25, 2024, 3:59 PM IST

Key Points:

  • Google announces closure of Google Pay in the US to simplify app experience.
  • Users to be migrated to Google Wallet, with services starting June 4, 2024.
  • Google Pay services in other countries, including India, to remain unaffected.

Google has revealed plans to discontinue its payments app, Google Pay, in the United States effective June 4, 2024. All users currently using Google Pay in the US will be seamlessly transitioned to Google Wallet.

According to a recent blog post by the company, Google Wallet will retain its popular features such as in-store tap-to-pay and payment method management. The decision to phase out Google Pay in the US comes as Google Wallet’s usage is reportedly five times higher than Google Pay’s in the country.

“Google Wallet continues to be the primary place for people to securely store payment cards used for tap and pay in stores, alongside other digital items like transit cards, driver’s licenses, state IDs, and more. To simplify the app experience, the US version of the standalone Google Pay app will no longer be available for use starting June 4, 2024,” the blog post stated.

However, Google Pay’s services in other countries, including India, will remain unaffected by this change. Users outside the US can continue to use Google Pay for online checkout and in-store payments as usual.

The transition process for users in India and Singapore is expected to be smooth, with no disruptions anticipated. Following the shutdown of Google Pay in the US, affected users will still be able to view and transfer funds to their bank accounts through the Google Pay website.

“As of June 4, 2022, you will no longer be able to send, request or receive money from others through the US version of the Google Pay app,” the blog post noted.

Users are advised to download the latest version of the Google Wallet app for Android from Google Play to continue accessing payment services seamlessly. Additionally, card management can be conducted through the Google Pay website.

Google Wallet offers a range of functionalities, including making payments in stores, boarding a plane, using transit services, storing loyalty cards, saving driver’s licenses, and starting a car via a digital key. Google highlights that people in more than 180 countries rely on Google Pay for their shopping needs across desktop, mobile, and in-store platforms.

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