IAFAT Webinar Explores the Roadmap Ahead for Agritech Startups


On June 2, 2023, the International Association for Agritech (IAFAT) convened a highly anticipated webinar entitled “Agritech Startups – Roadmap Ahead.” The event witnessed a remarkable turnout of over 82 entities, comprising Professors, Scientists, Agriculture Students, and Agritech Startups. The webinar featured renowned speakers who provided valuable insights into the transformative potential of agritech in traditional farming. Dr. R.N. Sahoo, Dr. Shivam Sharma, and Mr. Naveen Singh were among the distinguished speakers, sharing their expertise on precision agritech technologies, the future of agritech startups, and data-driven solutions for sustainable farming. Let’s delve deeper into this informative session.

Dr. R.N. Sahoo, Principal Scientist at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), delivered a compelling presentation on the “Role of Precision Agritech Technologies and Practices in Traditional Farming.” He shed light on how cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize conventional farming methods, optimizing productivity and sustainability.

Dr. Shivam Sharma, Director of Absolute, captivated the audience with his presentation on the “Agritech Startup – Roadmap Ahead.” He shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of agritech startups, highlighting emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities. Dr. Sharma’s talk served as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to embark on their agritech journey.

Mr. Naveen Singh, Founder of PhyFarm (Physiz AgTech Pvt Ltd), addressed the webinar on the topic of “Transforming Agriculture: Harnessing Data-Driven Solutions for Sustainable Farming.” His presentation emphasized the critical role of data-driven solutions in promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Mr. Singh showcased the transformative power of data analytics, enabling farmers to make informed decisions and optimize their farming operations.

The participants were highly engaged throughout the webinar, finding the presentations both relevant and useful. The informative sessions sparked thoughtful discussions and inquiries from the audience. The speakers graciously addressed the queries, providing valuable insights and guidance.

Furthermore, attendees were encouraged to continue the conversation by sharing any remaining doubts, queries, or suggestions via email at anandgiri@iafat.in. This open line of communication reflects IAFAT’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for the agritech community.

IAFAT’s webinar on “Agritech Startups – Roadmap Ahead” proved to be an enlightening and inspiring event, connecting industry experts, academics, and aspiring entrepreneurs in the agritech sector. The presentations by Dr. R.N. Sahoo, Dr. Shivam Sharma, and Mr. Naveen Singh highlighted the transformative potential of agritech in traditional farming practices. The webinar sparked engaging discussions, providing participants with valuable insights into the future of agritech startups and the role of data-driven solutions in sustainable agriculture.

As the agritech industry continues to evolve, IAFAT remains dedicated to facilitating knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and innovation within the sector. With events like this webinar, IAFAT continues to empower individuals and organizations, driving the agritech sector forward into a promising future of technological advancements and sustainable practices.

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