Indian unicorn startups in “hiring spree”

Indian unicorn startups in “hiring spree”

India has roughly 70 unicorns’ startups valued at $1 billion or more — that are expected to produce 125,000-160,000 white-collar jobs over the next two-three quarters According to two different surveys performed by EMA Partners and CIEL HR Services.

According to an EMA survey of the month September, unicorn startups have recruited about 150,000 Executives in the past three quarters. It predicts that an extra 125,000 executives will be hired in the following two quarters. A significant portion of the hiring, up to 70% will be for technology roles only, with a focus on expertise such as full stack developers, data scientists, solution architects, and principal engineers.

This only includes the white-collar jobs and does not include blue/grey-collar hiring. Also, there are many ‘soonicorns’ (soon to be unicorns) which are hiring significant numbers and they are not part of this study,” said A Ramachandran, CEO, new business initiatives, at executive search firm EMA Partners India.

According to another survey performed by CIEL HR Services, a recruiting and staffing agency, % of unicorn hiring this year was in the fintech, tech platforms, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) areas.

“45% of these unicorns are on a hiring spree, expanding quickly. Their combined intent is to hire about 160,000 people in 12 months from July 2021,” CIEL HR Services CEO Aditya Misra told.

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