International Virtual Assistance Pvt Ltd (IVA) Receives Best Research Company in AI Award at GAISA 4.0

New Delhi, 28-01-2024: International Virtual Assistance Pvt Ltd (IVA), a prominent software product and services company, has been honored with the Best Research Company in AI award at the GAISA 4.0 Awards. Specializing in industrial digitization, IVA’s technology solutions leverage signal processing, system modeling, and machine learning to facilitate optimal data-driven decisions in aerospace, defense, and civilian industries.

IVA’s strategic initiatives include the development of an Indigenous Digital Twin Framework for aerospace and defense applications, aligning with Atmanirbhar Bharat’s vision. Noteworthy collaborations with institutions like Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), and DRDO, underscore IVA’s commitment to high-tech development for achieving self-reliance.

The company’s flagship product, DataCivet, is a low-code, open-source platform equipped with signal processing, system modeling, analytics, and visualization capabilities. Its revolutionary work on Virtual Sensors using DataCivet has transformed aero-engine testing, significantly reducing costs and increasing productivity. Additionally, IVA introduces NxtEye, an advanced video analytics platform, recognized in the Delhi Police Open Innovation Challenge, with applications extended to enhance safety and security in various sectors.

IVA’s impact extends beyond defense, with outcomes including a 22% reduction in water usage in agriculture through the implementation of IoT-based twin technology. Looking ahead, IVA is set to contribute to the Indian unmanned aircraft program by developing an Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring System (IVHM) using the matured DataCivet platform.

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